George’s Wedding Reception Outfit

There have been a number of comments suggesting that George Michael’s choice of outfit to wear to Elton’s wedding reception was disrespectful to Elton and David. All I would say is that – this is pretty much the outfit that George wore to the recent gala premiere screening of his documentary film.

Both the premiere and the wedding reception were “special occasions”. The first one was “his” special occasion, the second one was “Elton’s and David’s”. Is it likely that George would “snub himself” at his own premiere? The most likely explanation for George’s outfit, then, is that this is current “special occasion” outfit. You may not like it. Elton may not like it. The other guests may not like it.

I don’t know what it said on the wedding reception invitations, but if you look, you will see that all the men were wearing so-called “black tie”. That is tuxedos etc. This is not common for wedding receptions; so my guess is that the invitations did say “black tie”. Maybe George doesn’t like wearing bow ties and formal evening dress suits and shirts with studs instead of buttons. So maybe he thought that just wearing his tuxedo was an acceptable compromise – “Hey, my partner is a cowboy, and cowboys wear jeans even at special occasions.”
I’m sure George and Kenny felt a bit underdressed at the party. But that’s not the same thing as being deliberately rude, is it?

9 thoughts on “George’s Wedding Reception Outfit

  1. What makes you think Kenny is a cowboy? And please don’t say “well he’s from Texas”. πŸ˜‰

  2. Well, George described Kenny as a “horny cowboy with a Texan smile”… So George thinks Kenny is a cowboy… and he should know, right?

  3. Yeah but that is just a song lyric. For the record, not everyone in Texas wears jeans and a ten gallon hat and ropes steers.πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, remarkable

    I had to change my nick again cause I have only one connection to George and it will be my last. But what about you?

    I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006πŸ™‚

  5. First off……..what does George know about a so called “cowboys” anyway? Didn’t George think he was a “cowboy” before he met Kenny? Just look at his pics in a cowboy hat, please! Has Kenny ever done any ranching with cows, horses or sheep? NOT! ……………OMG! MAYBE SHEEP! LMAO!

    ANYWAY! I agree with you Jelda!


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