Get Well Soon, George!

Accurate details are scarce, but what we know for sure (I think) is this:

  • Paramedics were called to George Michael’s home in Highgate, London at 8am on Thursday 22 May
  • Paramedics attended the scene
  • A decision was taken to admit George to hospital at that time

Everything else in the media reports is likely to be speculation, and/or will not provide an accurate picture of what happened.  I don’t think people should expect a running commentary on this from George’s people – his health is a private matter.

So, all we can do is send George our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Gell well soon, G!


George is fine. It seems he was out of hospital, and back at work in Air Studios in time for the weekend.


Symphonica Release Day Is A Success

Guinness for strengthGeorge Michael’s new album Symphonica was released today, St Patrick’s Day. People in the UK took time out from buying Guinness in preparation for tonight’s celebrations, to go-online and purchase the Deluxe version of the album, as it rapidly hit #1 on the main album charts on both Amazon and iTunes.

Overall, Symphonica was an instant hit on iTunes around the world, hitting #1 in more than ten countries within a few hours of release, and instantly going top 20 in around fifty countries in Europe, South America, The Middle East, and East Asia.

Also, today we got official confirmation from the BBC that it would be airing a TV special on Symphonica in April, as well as an exclusive radio interview in the coming days.  The press release quoted George Michael as saying,

“I’m delighted the BBC is broadcasting the Symphonica concert, which was recorded at the Opera Garnier in Paris, a stunning setting in which to perform a gig dedicated to a charity that’s so close to my heart. It was a magical night, so I’m thrilled that fans will get the chance to experience it, as well as hearing the behind-the-scenes story on Radio 2.”

The BBC’s Head of Commissioning for Music and Events TV said,

“George Michael is one of the UK’s most iconic figures in entertainment, which makes it an exciting opportunity for our audiences to hear from him in a rare interview, as well as watch his favourite songs being reworked with a live orchestra via two of the BBC’s most popular channels – BBC One and BBC Radio 2.”

While the exact date that the TV special was airing was not given, a while back, David Austin, the Executive Producer of Symphonica tweeted a clue that it would air on BBC One on April 1:

Overall, it couldn’t have been a better start for the album. Congratulations to George, and everyone on the Symphonica team – you deserve the success. Hope the Irish among you have time for a pint of the Black Stuff this evening…

Symphonica Album Mystery – 2012 Live Album or 2011 Studio Album?

George Michael working on the Symphonica Album

George Michael working on the Symphonica Album

A new mystery has emerged about the nature of the performances on George Michael’s Symphonica album. Were the performances mostly recorded at AIR Studios in 2011 in London, or recorded live on the Symphonica tour in 2012?  In this blog, we’ll consider the evidence on both sides of the argument.

(Update 14 March 2014 – the album is now in people’s hand in some countries. Please read the comments for a few more details taken from the credits on the album. It seems that three of the tracks on the album may be based on vocals from 25 Live – One More Try, The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face and Feeling Good. However, it seems that the credits don’t tell us anything about where most of the vocals on the album were recorded.)

The Case For The 2011 Studio Album

The first piece of evidence for this being a studio album comes from the very first official announcement of Symphonica.  In that first press release, George’s team provided a track listing detailing the date and place of recording for each track on the album.  With the exception Let Her Down Easy and Idol, every track was described as being recorded in 2011 at AIR studios (see the details of this announcement). Incidentally, those two exceptions were also listed as being recorded in 2011, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Indeed, those early announcements described Symphonica as “George Michael’s sixth solo studio album“.

The second piece of evidence for this being a studio album comes interviews with George Michael’s technical team in the November 2011 issue of Total Production International. Here is the relevant section:

For this tour, pre-production was seemingly quite short by George’s standards. For 25 Live, pre-production time was much lengthier, including 10 days in Wembley Arena. This time, Bradshaw spent four days at Wigwam assembling, programming and testing the difficult set up. This was partly due to the fact that Michael was in the process of having the music for his new album recorded.
“We do virtual soundcheck,” Bradshaw continued. “We have a way of recording everything and playing it back.”
The new album will be produced by Phil Ramone and is set to be a classy pop delivery with heavy influences from the artists who inspire Michael.
“George has asked for the sound to be as close to the CD sound as possible,” Bradshaw elaborated. “So the easy bit is knowing what he wants, the tricky bit is getting there!”

So, in 2011, before the Symphonica tour had started, it seems that George was  well into the process of recording a Symphonica studio CD. George wanted the live sound on the Symphonica tour to sound “as close to the CD” of the Symphonica album he was recording in the studio as was technically possible.

A third significant piece of evidence comes from the fact that One More Try, which is on the Symphonica album, was never actually performed on the tour itself.  There are other pieces of evidence too, such as photographs of George in a vocal booth at AIR studios, working on the album.

So, up until a couple of weeks ago, there seemed to be no suggestion that Symphonica was anything other than a studio album, recorded in 2011, with a couple of live tracks – Let Her Down Easy, and Idol (also recorded in 2011).  But then, a different story began to emerge…

The Case For The 2012 Live Album

The first piece of evidence for the “2012 Live Album Case” came a couple of weeks ago, in the edition of Music Week magazine that had the 40-page George Michael special coverage. Tucked away in an article paying tribute to the late Phil Ramone was this quote from the album’s executive producer, David Austin,

“Obviously, with it being a live album, it was all recorded on the road, and to do that properly is always a test.

And then, today, the “2012 live album case”  was further strengthened at the official album launch in Hamiltons Gallery in Mayfair. At the launch, David Austin, who was hosting the event with journalists, was quoted as saying the following,

George contracted pneumonia and when he came back and did that run of shows… we ended up getting the whole album from maybe just those three nights… there was that energy.

That quote is pretty clear and unequivocal – that the whole album came from a run of three nights on the tour in 2012 when George made his comeback after recovering from pneumonia. It’s unclear which “three nights” he is referring to, but George’s comeback dates began in Vienna in September 2012.  The details of the explanation given today at the launch appeared to confuse The Guardian, which wrote,

Billed as his sixth studio album and the follow-up to 2004’s Patience, Symphonica is basically a slightly confused live album. On the one hand we learn that the string arrangements were recorded in a studio, and there are photos of Michael in a studio environment working on the album with the legendary producer Phil Ramone, but on the other we’re told that live vocals from each of the shows on the tour were sent over to Ramone who then selected the best ones and arranged the songs from there.

Summing Up

So there we have it. On the one hand, we have the first official announcement of the Symphonica album saying clearly that this was a George Michael studio album, along with details of when and where each track was recorded (almost all tracks being recorded in 2011 at AIR Studios in London).  On the other hand, we have the album’s executive producer, David Austin, being quoted as saying the whole album was recorded live in 2012 on the tour.  As the executive producer, David would obviously be in a position to know where and when the tracks were recorded.

Clearly, both sides of this debate are mutually incompatible – it can’t be both a studio album recorded in 2011 and a live album recorded in 2012.  What makes this a mystery is that the key sources on both sides are “official” and deeply authoritative. Somewhere along the line since the first announcement of the Symphonica album, the messaging appears to have changed. Either that, or some wires have got crossed somewhere. What’s the reality though? What do you think?

Patience (Live) – Free Download on Amazon This Week


As part of the promotion for George Michael’s forthcoming new album, Symphonica, this week, there’s a free mp3 download of the Symphonica version of Patience availailable on Amazon in the UK, and some other European countries. Anyone should be able to download it though, no matter where in the world you are (you may need to put in some credit card details, because Amazon’s checkout procedure requires them).

You can listen to the track below:


Patience does not appear on the Symphonica album, so if you want this track, you might want to download it while it’s free. Download Patience (Live) from Amazon UK now.

About Symphonica & The Album After That

George Michael working on Symphonica at AIR Studios

George Michael working on Symphonica at AIR Studios

The current issue of Music Week has around 30 pages dedicated to covering George Michael. The articles include: a profile of George’s career to date; an interview with David Joseph, Chairman and CEO of Universal UK, talking about current and future plans for working with George; a piece about Phil Ramone and the Symphonica album, which George and David Austin supplied a few quotes for; and an interview with George’s publisher, discussing future plans for George’s back catalogue.

I know you’re all interested in what the plans are for Symphonica, and for the album after that (the album of new material). So, here’s some of the main points from David Joseph’s interview.

About the Symphonica album…

  • There are currently no plans for George Michael to do any promotion for Symphonica. The record company believes they can do well with this album, without the need for George to do the rounds of the PR circuit.
  • There may be more singles to come from Symphonica, in addition to Let Her Down Easy.  David Joseph’s vote for the next single goes to, The First Time Ever I Saw Her Face. No final decision has yet been taken on that. Presumably that will depend on how well the album does in terms of sales.
  • Currently, the belief is that the Symphonica documentary will not be shown on TV to coincide with the release of the album. They’re looking to place the TV special with broadcasters around the world. If they can sign the deals in time, it could be shown to coincide with the release, but the most likely scenario is that it will air some time later.

About the album that comes after Symphonica…

  • George has already signed the deal with Universal for the release of the album after Symphonica.
  • George is still working on the next album (with new songs on it). It will be done when it’s done. From the point of view of the record company, there is no timescale for release. George will say when he feels it’s done, and then the record company will release it.
  • David Joseph doesn’t know if that release will be this year or not. His best estimate, based on what he’s heard of the album so far, is that it won’t be finished in time for a release this year. Obviously, George may or may not share that view.
  • David Joseph seems genuinely excited about the new material that George has recorded so far. He clearly thinks it’s going to be a great album (although, obviously he’d hardly say otherwise in an interview like this!).
  • George’s complete attention and focus at the moment is working on the next album. If you’re wondering why he’s not doing any promotion for Symphonica, that’s the reason why.

George Michael Hires Undercover Head of Security


We’re hearing rumours this morning that singer George Michael has hired a crack undercover head of security. The ex-Irish Special Forces soldier is believed to be posing as a small Dublin woman, and has been spotted going in and out of the former Wham! frontman’s house on a number of occasions, sometimes with two labrador dogs, sometimes alone. Eye witnesses say that she always refuses to give her name when asked, simply hissing in a thick Irish Accent,

“I NEVER reveal my name to ANYONE.”

Details of the new security regime at the singer’s home are sketchy at this point. It is believed, though, that she has instigated a system of keeping a secret spreadsheet of full names and addresses of all people who come within a five hundred metre radius of the singer’s London home. There are rumours on the social network Twitter that she is keeping George locked in his bedroom, “for his own protection,” passing him stale bread and jam under the door, while she relaxes in the kitchen eating the expensive Waitrose chicken and gourmet New York cheesecake in George’s fridge. These rumours, however, are unconfirmed at this point.

A close pal of the singer (who is definitely not actually George) said,

“OK. Look. It might not be cheesecake. Or chicken. To be honest, no-one knows what’s in those Ocado deliveries, and I certainly don’t dare ask. No I don’t darrrreeeeeee. DoyouknowwhatImean?”

If you know this woman, if she approaches you in Highgate Village in a rude and somewhat bizarrely aggressive manner, or if you’re a famous singer locked in his bedroom, please call the Buzzin’ Newsdesk on 555 555 555.